Saturday, April 5, 2014

[Caught On VIDEO] Skydiver Almost Struck By Meteorite

One summer day in 2012, Skydiver Anders Helstrup and several other members of the Oslo Parachute Club jumped from a small plane that had taken off from Østre Æra Airport in Hedmark.

Anders was wearing his wingsuit with two GoPro HERO3 cameras fixed to his helmet. After he had released his parachute something never before caught on camera happened. On the way down he realised something strange was happening.

Meteorite Hurtles Past Norwegian Skydiver Dark Flight GoPro Hero
Meteorite Hurtles Past Norwegian Skydiver GoPro Hero
“I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn’t register what was happening,”

After landing Anders looked at the film from the two GoPro HERO3 cameras from the jump, which then clearly showed that something did happen.

Something that looks like a stone hurtles past Anders, missing him by only a few metres.

“When we stopped the GoPro film, we could clearly see something that looked like a stone. At first it crossed my mind that it had been packed into a parachute, but it’s simply too big for that.”

Search for Meteorite in the forest

Later that day, Anders returned to Oslo. But he could not stop thinking about his strange experience, so he took time off from work to go back to the Rena area for a couple of days to look for the meteorite but with no luck.

“We continued the search during the summer. I got my girlfriend, family and friends to join the project. We searched the forest and kept looking.".

Eventually Anders contacted the Natural History Museum in Oslo.

 Meteorite experts get involved

“The GoPro video caused a sensation in the meteorite community. They seemed convinced that this was a meteorite, perhaps I was the one who was the most sceptical.”

Now Anders suddenly had a whole flock of meteorite enthusiasts following him. They analysed and triangulated and narrowed down the search area.

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[Caught On Video] Meteorite Hurtles Past Norwegian Skydiver


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